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Slickrock 4x4 Warehouse
Slickrock 4x4 Warehouse

Who is Slickrock4X4?

Slickrock4X4 started in 1996 as a pastime for Andrew and has continuously grown since. Andrew has been working in the parts industry for over 20 years and has been helping customers find and use the best parts. The Slickrock Team has a long history with Jeeps, Scouts, FJs, Toyota Pickups, Land Rovers, and full size American Pickups and is willing and ready to help with your project.

Our Purpose

To help you enjoy your hobby! We want to bring you the biggest selection of parts, at our best possible price. Really, that’s it.

History of Slickrock4X4

Slickrock4X4 has been around since 1996 growing through multiple businesses and services including mobile repair and off-road specific modifications. Today, Slickrock4X4 is one of the best Jeep/Truck aftermarket parts suppliers in North America. The reason we have been so successful is our commitment to You.

Join our Family!

Our motto is that the customer comes first. Join the Slickrock4X4 family and let us help you have the best experience, ever!

What can we do for you

We go the extra mile to support our customers with parts, data, and technical support.

We offer the best selection of parts available anywhere on the internet. We only buy from the most reputable suppliers the products you are most interested in.

We ship most items UPS ground to offer you the best value of delivery time and cost. If you need something shipped faster, call us.

We want to make sure you are happy with our service and the product you purchase. If you find that you are not happy, please call and lets see what we can do for you.

Join our family of 1000’s of satisfied customers.